[npnog] Poll for npNOG-4 Tracks

Kijush Maharjan kijush.maharjan at gmail.com
Mon Oct 1 15:10:50 +0545 2018

Dear everyone,

npNOG-4 is on the way and is starting from Dec 9th till Dec 14th 2018
ending with one day conference on 14th Dec 2018. We will have 5 days
workshop on 3 different tracks for which we want to get the audience
opinion on which tracks should we include.

So, I request you all to please participate on this poll and help us decide
on which 3 tracks should we conduct workshop.

1. IoT
2. IPv6 Deployment
3. Virtualization
4. Network Security

Please add more as per your interest.


Kijush Maharjan
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