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>  <http://info.apnic.net/e/229772/2020-06-11/7rn6r/270278110?h=RWVkISvEMCbIV7gXHr-T-JxE2upDqgARU0JLP92uVus>
> Register now for Wednesday, 17 June
> Don’t miss Geoff Huston’s keynote on DNS Privacy at the second NFH event (South Asia) on 17 June – register now!
> Date: Wednesday, 17 June 2020
> Time: 11:00 (UTC +6) (Check your time zone here <http://info.apnic.net/e/229772/time-converter-php-/7rn65/270278110?h=RWVkISvEMCbIV7gXHr-T-JxE2upDqgARU0JLP92uVus>)
> Register: http://info.apnic.net/e/229772/events-sa---day-1/7rn67/270278110?h=RWVkISvEMCbIV7gXHr-T-JxE2upDqgARU0JLP92uVus <http://info.apnic.net/e/229772/events-sa---day-1/7rn67/270278110?h=RWVkISvEMCbIV7gXHr-T-JxE2upDqgARU0JLP92uVus>
> Duration: 2.5 hours
> The full program <http://info.apnic.net/e/229772/events-sa---day-1/7rn67/270278110?h=RWVkISvEMCbIV7gXHr-T-JxE2upDqgARU0JLP92uVus> of technical presentations will be updated soon on the website. You can also stay up to date with what's happening with the event via APNIC's Facebook <http://info.apnic.net/e/229772/APNIC/7rn69/270278110?h=RWVkISvEMCbIV7gXHr-T-JxE2upDqgARU0JLP92uVus> page and Twitter <http://info.apnic.net/e/229772/apnic/7rn6c/270278110?h=RWVkISvEMCbIV7gXHr-T-JxE2upDqgARU0JLP92uVus> feed.
> The event is free and open to anyone who wishes to participate. Invite your peers and colleagues to join the discussions.
> We look forward to welcoming you to the event.
> About
> Networking from Home <http://info.apnic.net/e/229772/2020-06-11/7rn6r/270278110?h=RWVkISvEMCbIV7gXHr-T-JxE2upDqgARU0JLP92uVus> is a new virtual event initiative to provide a place for technical folk in the region to share their experience and expertise with their peers, just like they would at a NOG event. There will be four free online events — one each held in the time zones of South East Asia, South Asia, East Asia, and Oceania.
> Useful links
> How to participate <http://info.apnic.net/e/229772/articipate-how-to-participate-/7rn6t/270278110?h=RWVkISvEMCbIV7gXHr-T-JxE2upDqgARU0JLP92uVus>
> Zoom tips <http://info.apnic.net/e/229772/participate-using-zoom-/7rn6w/270278110?h=RWVkISvEMCbIV7gXHr-T-JxE2upDqgARU0JLP92uVus>
> Code of Conduct <http://info.apnic.net/e/229772/participate-code-of-conduct-/7rn6y/270278110?h=RWVkISvEMCbIV7gXHr-T-JxE2upDqgARU0JLP92uVus>
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