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Dear all,

The Networking from Home (NFH) Program Committee is now seeking presentations for the NFH online event. We are looking for content that would suit technical sessions and panel discussions.
The NFH program is a half-a-day event that includes technical sessions and a panel discussion. Topics for event sessions must be relevant to Internet operations and technologies. The following topics are examples of possible areas of interest.
IP core network routing, switching and operations
IPv6 deployment and transition technologies
Managing COVID-19 related network challenges – network scalability, performance, teleworking, security, observations
Access and transport networks including Cable/DSL, LTE/5G, wireless, metro ethernet, fibre, segment routing
Network security issues (NSP-SEC, DDoS, Anti-Spam, Anti-Malware) and BCPs
Software defined networking, network function virtualization and network automation
Content & service delivery (Multicast, Voice, Video, Telepresence, Gaming) and cloud computing
IXPs and Peering
Internet of Things (IoT) architectures, standards, services, security, addressability, and manageability
Smart Cities architecture, security, and addressing
Research on Internet operations and deployment
Presentations are short and will be limited to 10-15 minutes in length.
Draft slides MUST be provided with submissions otherwise the NFH event PC will be unable to review the submission. For work in progress, the most current information available at time of submission is acceptable.
All draft slides submitted for PC review must be in PDF or PPT format only. Final slides are to be provided a week before the NFH event starts for display in the virtual session room and publication on the NFH event website.
Any questions or concerns should be addressed to the NFH event PC by email <mailto:nfh at apnic.net>.

Submissions can be done at https://nfh.apnic.net/events/cfp/ <https://nfh.apnic.net/events/cfp/>.

Kijush Maharjan
On behalf of npNOG
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