[npnog] NTA QoS By-Law effective from Shrawan 2074

Rupesh Shrestha rupeshbstha at gmail.com
Tue May 23 08:01:10 NPT 2017

I think ISPAN also need to seriously review this and give its feedback.

1. Reasonability of SLA parameters.
2. Viability of QOS SLA percentages.
3. What is the overall national telecom QOS impact improvement with this
implementation with year by year target for 5years?
4. How customer satisfaction (CSAT) will be measured for QOS and what is
the CSAT target for it?
5. QOS is ultimately for Customer satisfaction so the law should also ask
provider to ensure communication channels for customers with ticketing
system and customer care contact center.
6. Telco should give data and voice billing separately.

3 & 4  also gives back some accountability on NTA.

Indiver, do you know if there is any timeline for feedback and who is the
poc for this? Has this been floated for stakeholder or public for feedback?


On 18 May 2017 9:36 a.m., "Indiver Badal via npnog" <npnog at npnog.org> wrote:


Please go through the QoS By-Law document that will be effective in about 2
months from now. It is available only in Nepali language for now. If anyone
got an English version/translation, please do share.


As this is going to impact not just providers regulated by Nepal
Telecommunications Authority, I believe that providers, businesses and
consumers all need to provide feedback on this.


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