[npnog] Tweets about .NP being leaked!!

Gyanendra Mishra gyanu at mercantile.com.np
Sat Sep 23 07:15:32 NPT 2017

Dear Kabindra,

It is from one of the Australia slave server which we do not have any contact of connect.com.au so it is good we will disable them from list by today.
Ie Yakima and warana server of connect.com
We will disable and update.
Thank You.

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Another day, another ccTLD leak: Nepal !
@IAmMandatory , Thanks again, root 'NP.' leak detected by TLDR project ;) )

One of the nameserver for .NP is allowing zone transfers for all globally which isn't necessarily bad and is done on purpose but for .NP I am not sure if that is the case :-).

Interesting tweet from the same guy after analyzing .NP contents :)
Pretty weird root DNS structure, registrations of "*.np" are not allowed actually, but we have multiple domains in it (hello, beer.np).

np. -> 285 entries
com.np. -> 82963 entries
gov.np. -> 5762 entries
mil.np. -> 35 entries
net.np. -> 1548 entries
org.np. -> 14656 entries

I did inform about that server allowing zone transfer to .NP operator personally last time :-).


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